ARTIFICIAL GHOST RADIO cover art. A ghost named Lyric has emerged out of a retro radio. Lyric is wearing headphones and has static in their eyes. They are possessed by the music.


Genre: Music Genre: Conversational

Every Other Wednesday

Enchanting Aspects cover art. A cute stylized eye looking directly at the viewer with sparkles surrounding it, indicated keen and excited interest.

Enchanting Aspects

Genre: Art and Culture Genre: Conversational

When It's Ready

Ghost Hunt Pacific cover art. Front view of a dark and ominous suburban house drenched in shadow. Front and center are big letters that spell the name of the show. Each letter is stylized after common household items.

Ghost Hunt Pacific

Genre: Horror Genre: Narration

Every Other Sunday

Mushroom Soup cover art. A delicious and steaming bowl of soup with the title of the show written hazily in the broth. In the middle of the bowl three mushroom caps stick out, representing Amy Terry, Joe Langlois, and Jupiter Morningstar.

Mushroom Soup

Genre: Exclusive Genre: Variety

Every Toadstool Express

Mushroom Station Streams cover art. Standing in front of the Mushroom Station are the three Mushroomites representing Jupiter Morningstar, Amy Terry, and Joe Langlois. They are excited to stream for you!

Mushroom Station Streams

Genre: Streams Genre: Variety

Twice Monthly

Amy Terry

They / Them

Joe Langlois

He / Him

Jupiter Morningstar

Any / All

A decorative element, a smartphone with a mushshroom shaped home button and a Mushroomy Miku charm. The phone's background image is of a sakuya tree in the spring.
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